hello, i',m zephyr. i'm in a lot of fandoms, including (but not limited to) databrawl, ena, omori, roblox, furry, jsab, project arrhythmia, arcaea, among us, and neko atsume.
i also go by the name poly6c on osu!

full list of pronouns orientations nicknames etc here

image credit: bayachao


i'm jusst an average artist with autism. i have quite a few mental illnesses (that I'm not listing because it ain't yo business) so please just bear with me if i take a while to respons

(music as flurrydotxyz)

previous aliases
if youre looking for any of these ppl, youve found them! c:D

non music aliases (no specific order)
papa rusto
portaldroid / bandbot / whatever other 900 fandroid OCs i had
polypsychic / polywoofer substep / any other variations of poly
spencer / specifircas

music aliases
xyz room hours

july 17

favorite color
my fav color is aquamarine, it's the greenish shade used in this card's highlights. the color hex code is 7fffd4!! ^^

favorite music genres (w/ example artists)
basically anything thats more "underground" or relatively unheard of outside of the internet, as long as it falls under the electronic umbrella

melodic dnb
example artists: sewerslvt, sakuraburst,
example songs/albums:
goreshit - semantic compositions on death and its meaning (album)
sewerslvt - draining love story (album)
sakuraburst - floating through a frozen atlantis

experimental electronic
example artists: nanode, frums, sakuraburst, metaroom
example songs/albums:
sakuraburst - deconstructing nature (album)
nanode - quartz [codename:firingsquad]
sakuraburst - blood orange (albun)
frums - metacontinues (album)
metaroom - sweet genesis (album)

example artists: SEBii, 100 geckos
example songs/albums:
SEBii - do u care, if i stare?
miraie - high school romance
underscores - spoiled little brat

i commonly use roachy as a nickname for my friends (like "bestie" or "bro")
please tell me if that makes you uncomfy or if you don't want me calling you that ;

i have aspergers, so i might have trouble with social interaction.
if i start accidentally shouting, please do let me know.
if i laugh or joke at inappropriate moments, let me know.
if i start invading space,
if i start stimming,
if i get too attached to you,
if i seem condescending,
please let me know.

on the note of aspergers - just because i'm autistic DOES NOT MEAN YOU NEED TO TALK TO ME IN A SLOW ENUNCIATED KID-SHOW TYPE MANNER

i do somewhat have an identity crisis of my name
like what i mean is when i meet someone else with the names flurry or niko i somewha panic
bc like
if that person gets in trouble i start panicking bc idk if im in trouble or not????????????? idk

i think i have tourettes (eye twitching, uncalled-for headaches frequently, flinching when danger is sensed, neck stretching, sniffly) but im not diagnosed

might be poly but idk since im not looking for a relationship atm

im allergic to cat fur

i genuinely have a hard time reading leet speak.
i don't mind minor quirks such, such as 7yping the le77er seven ins7ead of the le77er T. but if it's to the point where nearly the whole sentence is numbers, please provide a translation or something..

i'd prefer if you use tone indicators around me. not required, but heavily advised.

i take zero offenses to discriminatory words like r/tard or furvert , just dont be all "heehaahoo edgy slur against the mentally challenged is funny imma blast it at top volume in voice chat ha !!!!!!!!!" cuz tbh if u unironically think shit like earrape racial slurs to people for drawing animals or liking the same gender is funny im worried for ur life outside of twitterland "o.o

dni, byf, triggers, etc

NOTE: this page is intentionally aligned to the left (instead of center like the rest of the pages) because it's a list.

be carecful
basically a dni list, but to protect you instead of me
for your safety, dont follow/interact if:
if you need anything in my "unable to tag" list tagged (listed later on in the carrd)

if any of my comforts are triggering or discomforting to you
don't interact with me at all if:
you're on my blacklisthttps://toyhou.se/10129520.-blacklist-

you actively try to trigger people with ptsd level triggers. f//k you.
you actively attack people for being "cringe" or "unbased"or have a mob mentality and attack people "just because"
redditors threaten to break a kid's legs over fortnite
heres a reddit post abt it since i cant find a youtube vid abt it

[that one time a bunch of ppl on twitter commented on a picture of a 10 y.o's dream birthday cake, saying stuff like "POISON THE CAKE"
heres a dacept video about the situation)

you profile yourself as a young child/baby when youre olderidk it just,,,sorta makes me uncomfy,,,this includes adult babies
(age regression is fine as long as ur not using it as an excuse to be a pedo! ^^)

you are friends with anyone on my blacklist (close friends of mine are an exception)
you are friends with wyspycream (the dude's a fetish pedo)
you think recoloring people's artwork is okay because "iTs a DiffERent ColOr ThErEfore iTs My OwN!!!!!!!!!!"
you are already on my bad sideunless you're coming to apologize

you are a hardcore stanmeaning you won't hold your idol accountable when they fuck up

you believe that human rights (like privacy) need to be "earned"
in terms of trauma and such, i dont think i have any
these are the topics i am sensitive to. these topics disturb me greatly and make me uncomfortable.

please do not send me things fixated around these topics, regardless of if you put a content warning or not.
in group chats, spoiler the image if possible, and add a warning.

here is an example of a warning:
// tw: joke about edgy thing
[image with a spoiler attached]

things with a > symbol means slight references and jokes like "haha yoda o/d's at kfc" are totally fine and dandy as long as it doesnt go to detail and you put appopriate tone indicators if applicable

happy tree friends
body horror / extreme gore
bait-and-switch things with cute animals to screamers or somethingg
insects/bugsfictional ones such as hollow knight characters/muffet from undertale/etc are ok as long as it isn't like,, realistic
stickbugs are also ok because it funny
also please no discord gifs where its a transparent spider overlayed on a screenshot message those scare the living waffles outta me

shootings / harm to youth
animal abuse / crueltyany form or mention of this topic

mild annoyances
things that irritate me and piss me off
mainly bc of me having ocd i think.
no need to put a warning for these bc that would be dumb

text that appears for .00002 seconds and immediately disappears
dots that are verrrry close to the center of the screen but not exactly in the center
unable to tag
stuff i'm unable to put content/trigger warnings on because then i'd be tagging nearly every post
(unless you specifically ask, then i'll make sure to tag things when interacting with you)

emojis 😄
kaomojis (;・∀・)
any songs/artist i like, even ones that are involved in drama or controversies.yes, this includes sewerslvt. i still like sewerslvt idgaf :)

s//x jokes (usually doesnt go past "haha s//x funny" or "google 177013")
mentions of food (i can defo tag pictures though)
any fandoms i'm in, including ones with a bad reputation (fnf, furries, etc)
any of my kin/comfort characters
typing habits/quirks such as all caps, or putting a bunch of commas when im nervous, or strokes/keyboard slams afoeycosytc8scoyaoycec9ysyv9s


congrats u found the secret crouton
as a reward here is my wislist:

// food pic

kin/comfort characters

note that by kinshift, i dont mean like a system/multiple personalities or anything, i'm still me, its just a comfort thing of such

i'll change my avatar to them when i'm currently kinshifted (usually i default to niko or opheebop when done)

the "literally me'"s will have a explanaton why thet are literally me

fine with doubles (you kin a char i also kin) including kins i spiritually connect to!! i'd love to meet fellow enthusiasts!!
except for the ones labeled "literally me",,like,,they are me,,why do u think u are me?

insulting them (not their source material/game theyre from, just them) also does pack quite a punch!!
same applies to reality checking me/saying stuff like "you cant be ralsei, theyre a fictional character"

⊹ ꒦꒷︶︶꒦꒷︶︶꒦꒷⊹ ་ ، ๑ ‧˚₊ ⊹ ꒦꒷︶︶꒦꒷︶︶꒦꒷⊹ ་ ، ๑ ‧˚₊

niko (oneshot)
kapi (fnf)
bob (fnf)

ralsei (deltarune)
invisishade (shovel knight)

gender envy
dimentio (super paper mario)
invisishade (shovel knight)
bob (fnf)
rouxls kaard (deltarune)